Jurassic Park

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Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park

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Game Information:

Jurassic Park is a game created by Ocean Software. In the game you play as Dr. Alan Grant and try to complete all objectives such as rebooting the system, collecting badges to get through certain doors or stealing eggs. When you enter a building you switch to bird's eye view for Wolfenstein 3D style first person view. A major drawback in the game is that you cannot save - meaning you have to complete the game in one sitting.

The Super Nintendo version of the title based on the Jurassic Park franchise was totally different to the one the Sega Genesis/MegaDrive received, being somewhat similar to the NES and PC-DOS version. It's a top-down action-exploration game, with technically excellent first-person view interior stages. The game puts us in the shoes of Dr. Grant and we will have to undertake a series of missions inside the famous Jurassic Park infested with enemies, being quite faithful to the script of the film.

How to play:

↑ = up
→ = right
↓ = down
← = left

Z = A Button
X = B Button
A = X Button
S = Y Button

Q = L Button
E = R Button

Shift = Select
Enter = Start

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